Chili Relleno Platter for Breakfast


Tin Cup


Burritos and Such



Awesome Chicken

Fajita Burrito

grilled chicken with

sautéed veggies,

smothered with green chili

and cheese

pinto beans,

lettuce and tomato



Chili Relleno Platter

2 crispy rellenos


in green chili, cheese

side of pinto beans,


tomato and tortilla

regular 8.95   ½ order 6.25



green chili, cheese,

lettuce and tomato

beef or beef and bean 7.75

bean 6.25

shredded chicken 8.50


3 Enchilada’s

green chili, side of beans,

and tortilla

cheese and onion $6.95

beef $8.95

shredded chicken $9.25

one of each of the above $9.50


Mexican Hamburger


Mexican Chicken $9.50

pinto beans, chili,

cheese, onions,

lettuce and tomato


Basket of 3 Tacos

beef 7.95    chicken 8.25



1. taco, cheese ench,

beef burrito 8.25

2. chili relleno, beef taco,

bean burrito 8.95

3. chili relleno, chicken ench,

bean tostada 9.50


no substitutions

side of beans,

lettuce, tomato,

salsa and flour tortilla


Ala Carte

beef or chicken taco 2.95

beef, chicken or cheese

& onion ench 2.95

bean tostada 2.50

beef tostada 2.95

guacamole tostada 3.75

chili relleno 4.75



Consuming raw or undercooked

meats, poultry, or eggs may

Increase your risk for

food borne illness




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