Tin Cup Catering


Catering Charges




Linen Napkins: .25 cents each

Linen Tablecloths $2.75 each

China plates

and silverware .60 cents each



$15.00 Per Hour

Hours to include

setting up and tearing down

Gratuity to be added

 on at end of event



$12.00 per hour

Hours to include setting up

and tearing down



8.1% Sales Tax


Service Charge

17% Service Charge

on Food and Waitress/Waiter


Delivery Charge

Depending on location






Tin Cup Bar & Grill-Catering has the Best Food, Prices & Service

with a Down Home Atmosphere in 3 Locations

Tin Cup @ Aurora Hills G. C.  50 South Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80012

phone: 303-739-1566

Tin Cup 2 @ Fitzsimons G.C.  2323 Scranton St.

Aurora, CO 80045

phone:  303-340-3093

Tin Cup @ Meadow Hills G.C.  3609  S.  Dawson St.

Aurora, CO 80014

phone:  303-326-8452