Tin Cup Catering


 Meat, Seafood, Wings




Shrimp Platter

Cold and delicious

ready to eat

peeled and de-veined

Shrimp served with

our homemade

cocktail sauce

and fresh lemon

Medium serves 16-20 $85.00

Large serves 26-30 $125.00



Ginger Shrimp

with Snow Peas

& Scallions

Mouthwatering and

delicious shrimp

 Served in

a beautiful display

 it taste as good

as it looks

Medium serves 16-25 $125.00

Large serves 30-36 $135.00


Smoked Salmon


Served with mini bagels

cocktail rye

Chives and

cream cheese spread

Surrounded with

assorted specialty olives

Medium serves 16-20 $70.00

Large serves 30-35 $115.00



Deluxe Seafood



100 Plus shrimp


with succulent crab claws,

smoked salmon,

and smoked mussels

all served with

cocktail sauce and lemon




Tin Cups Famous Meatballs

in a warm creamy

cheese sauce

150 meatballs $82.50

300 meatballs $160.00



Buffalo or Sesame


Chicken Wings

Drummettes in our

homemade spicy sauce

or traditional sweet

sesame teriyaki glaze

or BBQ sauce

55 wings - $44.00

125 wings $92.00



Mile High Roller


Delicious flat bread


with Turkey, Ham,

Grilled red peppers,


leaf lettuce &

cream cheese

12 pieces -$28.99

24 pieces -$49.99

36 pieces -$66.99



Roast Tenderloin


Lean roast tenderloin


to your preferred


chilled and sliced.

Displayed on a

bed of lettuce with

homemade horseradish


served with rolls

on the side

Serves 25-30 $220.00.




Tin Cup Bar & Grill-Catering has the Best Food, Prices & Service

with a Down Home Atmosphere in 3 Locations

Tin Cup @ Aurora Hills G. C.  50 South Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80012

phone: 303-739-1566

Tin Cup 2 @ Fitzsimons G.C.  2323 Scranton St.

Aurora, CO 80045

phone:  303-340-3093

Tin Cup @ Meadow Hills G.C.  3609  S.  Dawson St.

Aurora, CO 80014

phone:  303-326-8452