Tin Cup Catering


Mushroom & Wraps



Stuffed Mushrooms

Cream cheese blended

with cheddar

and a hint of

smoke flavor

Cheese stuffed $18.50 per dozen

Crab stuffed   $21.95 per dozen

Vegetable stuffed $17.95 per dozen

Prosciutto stuffed $21.95


Cheese-Stuffed Jalapenos

A blend of cream cheese and

Monterey Jack Cheese

With enough spice

to satisfy

your taste buds

15 Cheese Stuffed $21.00

15 Crab Stuffed $23.00


Bacon Roll Ups

Italian sausage combined

with savory herb stuffing

wrapped in bacon

20 pieces $30.00

30 pieces $41.99

40 pieces $53.60


Ginger Chicken

Bacon Wraps

bite size pieces of

chicken breast

with water chestnuts

 marinated in

ginger teriyaki sauce

wrapped in bacon

20 pieces $33.00

30 pieces $48.00

40+ pieces $62.00


Tin Cup Famous

Deviled Eggs

hearty filled eggs that

will melt in your mouth

30 eggs $19.50

50 eggs $32.00

75 eggs $48.00


Seven Layer Dip

with Chips

Beans, Taco Meat

Guacamole, Sour Cream,

Lettuce, Cheese,

Black Olives

$3.00 per person




Have An Idea Of Your Own??

Let Us Know and

We Will Price It Out For You



Tin Cup Bar & Grill-Catering has the Best Food, Prices & Service

with a Down Home Atmosphere in both Locations

Tin Cup @ Aurora Hills G. C.  50 South Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80012

phone: 303-739-1566

Tin Cup @ Meadow Hills G.C.  3609  S.  Dawson St.

Aurora, CO 80014

phone:  303-326-8452